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This NEW M🌑🌑N Solar ECLIPSE in Aquarius

Powerful day to plant seeds of change. This New Moon carries the energies of our karmic resolve, and it requires us to release people, circumstances, and attitudes that have been interfering with our evolution. It is time for a rebirth, restore, release and a shift in consciousness. Change is always on the horizon, so why not direct traffic. New M🌑🌑n opportunity is shining down on you!

I love when the New M🌑🌑n comes my way there is something about getting another chance to change things up. Writing out my desires wants and what needs to change is liberating and exciting. It is a practice I have been doing for decades. I have learned so much about myself by writing out my New Moon wishes. There is something about putting your deepest desires on paper that is powerful.

I encourage you if you haven’t already to start this New Moon practice; it is another way of getting to know YOU more on a deeper level.

Today say out loud; I AM I am a channel for change. Dolby Dharma

As you lift higher and higher, as you travel further and further through all the realms of your experience, you will know you are becoming the Master of your destiny and your life. So rejoice, because the knowledge is yours, and now you must manifest it, understand it, and know that you know.~John-Roger

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.