Wisdom-The voice of the Soul

Divided by two worlds caused me to feel lost on the path towards You. Lost between worldly matters and individuals living in another world. Despite the fact that we all share the same space I am finding myself in a place that is no longer mine, a world where my silence is misunderstood and where my road is looked down upon. Such a world, where I am surrounded by many and yet completely alone, as I am unable to connect on a deeper level to those souls around me. I continue to walk towards Your light – such a journey where going back is not an option, while each and every step of the way, my heart is filled hope and faith. And so I fill my days with Your remembrance and each moment with Your praises, yet I cannot help being surrounded by darkness, while I’m dwelling upon a silent melody of loneliness. At such times the distance between me and my prayer mat seems far and away, a place where I have found myself numerous times to be overwhelmed with your Love and Grace, that exact place seems suddenly beyond my reach. And so I call upon You, asking for your Help, Love, and Strength so that I may be showered with your Mercy and comforted with Your words.

And they said dearest one; it is not the road that you seek that is looked down upon. It is their sight that may be deceived, caused by the veils placed upon oneself displaying life as it is through different lights. What might seem right to you might not be perceived by them and vice versa. Always remember that one is inclined to that which one knows, causing the unknown to be rejected and feared upon, for it is not connected to their selves. Ask yourself, why do you blame them for reacting to what they cannot see? When you fail to look inside the hearts of those around you, then how can you judge others for failing to see your true light within? Do not get upset with those who might not comprehend you or judge you, for that argues that you do not understand their way and their sight. Make sure my dearest one that you transform the words filled with injustice and judgments in love by understanding one can only perceive life through his or her glasses. When we want other individuals to understand us and see us the way we are then we must always strive to understand them in return and accept them for having different views, for whatever reasons. Our frictions and differences are our blessings, allowing us to gain experience and reflect upon human relationships, while at the same time allowing us to understand ourselves on a deeper level and those around us. Never forget dearest one that this life is a journey, a journey which we must feel and experience on every level, so we may learn, grow and develop a better self. A journey where we should not seek to dwell in our comfort zone, but strive to reach beyond the barriers and seek the unknown. To love and respect all of humanity, to be compassionated and send our love and light across the globe. Once we can perceive the light those around us and have a strong sense of equality and love for all, only then we are truly living and respecting the life we were given in a good manner.

With my love,


Thank you for this, so much love for this wisdom Shaidi

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.