“The Shape of the Universe”

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“The Shape of the Universe”

Searching for love, searching for answers, searching for truth, knowledge, and understanding. We are all born seekers, looking for a place to plant ourselves, to feel grounded, nourished and fed. The problem is we forget that home is not an external grounding for the love and nourishments we crave. Our roots are within, the life force that illuminates from the inside out.

We are like a beautiful tree that bears a unique fruit, the fruit that stores all the wisdom and nourishments that make us who we are.
We are given ‘free will’ to choose ourselves, trust ourselves and stay grounded within ourselves. To feel that groundedness is to find your balance.

Your life belongs to you, and it is important to honor the wholeness that you already are. Nourish yourself and know you are complete just being with you, everything and everyone is just a compliment to your life. When you feel rooted within an amazing event takes place; ‘Everywhere you go there you are;’ HOME. Know your own significance. You are valuable. You are entitled to experience the Universe in you. Dolby Dharma

“There is only one true love affair; the one with yourself. All others are expressions of it.” – Hemal Radia

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.