“My Fucking-Pet-Peeve”

We all have pet-peeves. Things that drive us nuts. You can be minding your own business and ‘BAM’ there it is… Here comes the irritation.

I am throwing down some shade on the ‘WIPER SNIPERS;’  I am referring to a driver who shoots from a hiding place (inside his/her car), turns on the wipes and fires his dirty-ass water at a long-range.

I want to rant about my pet peeve.  It’s a biggie, and I am sure some of you share this one as well.

For me; when someone in front of me decides that they need to clean their damn windshield while driving the car.

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Did you not check your shield before you left the house?

Are you that unconscious that you just hop in the car and automatically go somewhere without giving mentation to the condition of your vehicle?

So let’s play this fucker out;

You get into your car, start it, at some point you have had to look out your windshield.

You are finally out of your garage or just your driveway, and you start motoring down the road.

The sun hits your windshield and reveals all the shit, dirt, bird crap, and whatever fucked-up sappy tree you parked under is now on the windshield of your car.

So in your unconscious mind, you are thinking,  I have to see…

While you are driving without regard for another car behind you, YOU decide to turn on your wipers. Now the guy behind you has all of your FUCKED-UP windshield debris… All your dirt, from YOUR car on his car.  WTF


Because of your unconscious, rude, selfish, ‘all about me need’ to clean your filthy car while flying down the road. A few vehicles will suffer too. All because of YOU.

I have heard and read all the excuses; I am being safe, seriously…SAFE…You now just fuckered up the guy behind you. “How is that safe???”

You are following me to close. I call BULLSHIT. Water flies when you are flying down the road.

It’s not funny when it is happening, but it seems to happen to me a lot, especially after I wash my black car…

It is not just about the other car’s dirty water hitting my windshield, but it also hits the entire front of my car.

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I just have to get this out.

ONE, it’s RUDE, TWO; its a fucking HAZARD. Yeah, your shield is clean now, but mine is totally fucked up.  If your windshield is dirty, it’s a safety issue, so clean it before you’re doing 70mph.

When I am driving, nothing ticks me off more than people who decided to squirt their windshield at highway speeds.

I just want to set the record straight. I am not saying I have not committed opps moves while driving, but I can say for sure, I have never thrown my dirt on someone else’s car…EVER

It definitely has made for some funny conversation after the fucking fact. 

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There I have said it: Bringing the darkness to light!

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One thought on ““Wiper-Snipers”

  1. Well I also have a dark blue car. The way I solve the problem is……well let me think? One way is not to wash the the fucking car. It’s just a car!! Fuck it. It solves two problems. One, the water, dirt coming from a someone’s windshield washer will not matter and another less likely to be stolen. Well three. Bird shit….and I’m not going to hurt the birds for doing it. Not too many left now. Sometimes people are upset with things they can not do anything about. Shit happens….Like humans will be extinct in 90 years or less. I’m not upset about it…..Unless after I die I come back as another person, shit!!!. Then I will be pissed that I did nothing about it!! One more, buy a white car. Of all cars they show the dirt the least and don’t burn your fucking hands when touching them. Another small thing is it makes less heat. If everyone had white or very light cars the earth would not heat up as fast as it is doing. (How many people have thought of that one.) When it’s hot I could cook an egg on my car so I can save the electric. But the shit eggs stick to the hood and don’t taste that good after!! Oh yes…windshield wiper waste water on your car………. Walk!!


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