Why resist what’s happening-you’re the decision-maker!

I thought I would share some self-awareness self-care tips. There is always something to do and nothing to do—YOU decide what brings you to peace.  

When life appeared to be fucking hard-​ I started journaling. This has helped me vent, decompress and take stock of my day. Doing this helps me see what I need or want to work on. It helped me keep track of my thoughts, ​attitudes, and expectations about myself and others.

Thank god— those journals are now behind me and destroyed to protect the innocent. LOL, But it was good at the time served a purpose, but for those starting out, journaling is the best. 

Today, I just keep a journal filled with inspiration and my New Moon Wishes.

Next, I began to gather lessons from various philosophies and spiritual traditions. I tried to condense and organize what I felt to be important into a code I could live by. They are as follows…

Know Thyself 

• Stay vigilant for thoughts/events that lead to specific negative and unproductive thoughts and emotional reactions.

• Be present to recognize what’s within my control and what is not during these events.​ 

•Practice self-forgiveness and allow things, people, and problems to be what they are, not what you wish them to be. 


• What skills/lessons can I draw on from​ my studies, ACIM, ​ Buddhism, Metaphysics, and psychology to gain awareness of MY thoughts/emotions/reactions and not the situation?

​Before I speak, I ask myself;​

Is it True, is it Genuine, and is it Kind & Necessary

• Is what I’m about to say/do True and genuine?

• Is what I’m about to say/do Kind?

• Is what I’m about to say/do Necessary?

True + Kind + genuine doesn’t always equal Necessary.

True + Necessary doesn’t always equal Kind.

Necessary + Kind doesn’t always equal Truths *

*​most of the time, the truth is subjective. Sometimes, what I perceive as the truth is only my​ projection and interpretation.

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome

• Stay calm, stay focused, stay in the moment and learn something in the process, step outside yourself and or the situation, and adapt if that is what is called to you.​ Find peace in the present moment.

• DO NOTHING; believe this or not, there is nothing to do. As humans, we have difficulty imagining doing nothing because we are built on the premise of doing something. 


Things to remind me to check my perspective, what am I seeing?. 

This is important because my attitude and perspective influence how I see things and think about them, leading to my emotions, which can ultimately bring me peace or take me away.

• ​I notice when I am complaining, even about myself. My soul becomes dyed with the color of my thoughts.

• I have always been one to overindulge in life if there is such a thing, LOL. There are no regrets, but definitely more seasoned about what is true for me. 

I practice as if I am walking on a tight rope to balance, then I practice letting it all go.

I have learned that too much of anything is detrimental to my character and life. 

• I practice listening more than speaking. Since I like to talk a lot and have a lot to say– I practice speaking only when I’m sure what I’ll say is not better left unsaid.

• I don’t avoid difficulty or change. Change is difficult, but it’s often what leads to betterment.

Nobody is wrong and everyone is right. We can only meet ourselves in the mindset we believe ourselves to be.

Anyway, keeping these things in mind helps me navigate challenging times. There are days when the struggle is real, and the challenge is just what I need, and I can honestly say that is ok too.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.