Let go or be dragged!


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Letting go seems like such a cliche’. People say, ‘just let it go.’ Well, not always easy when you are in the ‘hanging in a state of being.’ I remember the first time I learned how to wakeboard. I was fortunate enough to get right up out of the water, no problem, I felt free and expansive at that moment, like all things at first. As I was being pulled around navigating myself through all the bumps, splashes, and turns, I can feel myself hitting my edge a few times, the wobble effect. I was determined to hang in there no matter what, after all, I felt a great ride meant staying up. I was at my edge, hung on to the rope for dear life, hit the water that felt like cement. OUCH! The next time when I was riding, and I felt my edge coming, I let go. It was a graceful dance of loosening my grip, I felt empowered and did not get hurt. I felt free and excited that I now knew what to do to improve my relationship with wakeboarding.
When we become attached to a particular outcome, situation or thought, we get dragged into a helpless mentality. We give our power away, needing things, situations, and people to fit into an expectation box. While riding, I was thinking about all the ways I can improve my ride. The first thing I realized is that I could have a much better ride, and not get hurt so much if I knew when to let go of the rope, and when that pivotal moment was for me. Knowing my edge affords me the ability to know when to let go of the rope and not be dragged by the boat. I am NOT saying we can control all our external circumstances, but we can control how we react to them. Letting go is a journey and a process of understanding what it is to meet your edge. Edges change, and we can only know them at that moment. When we know ourselves better, we know what we can or cannot do when things arise. Letting go is freedom, a lot more fun, and a lot less drama and allows new experiences to come in!

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put; I AM and with that, I have FAITH in; Myself.