I AM Magic!



What does it feel and look like to love and accept yourself? It does have a look you know. I know because I have seen it on people; it is like a wave of energy all around them, a rainbow glow. You can feel its warmth, you can see it in the clothes they are wearing, their smiles are big and inviting, they have a twinkle in their eye. Their body language says, Welcome!

They shine, and their energy is radiant, you are drawn to them without even knowing why, you just are. The next time you meet up with someone, look into their eyes, not a quick glance but the kind of contact that you can see and feel the energy flow. Eye contact can reflect our current emotions; it is also the coined phrase; The eyes are the window to the soul. Traditional Proverb.

When I greet anyone, I always make eye contact straight away. I know it can be intimidating to look into the eyes, after all, it is like looking in someone’s window of their home. The eyes don’t lie; they are excellent indicators of where we are at and how open we are.

How do we set the tone for a good day?

Imagine waking up every morning and deciding what color sparkle you want to wear, what light you want to shine ‘within’ and on every person you meet. Well, you can, when you first wake up, adopt the practice of a morning mantra; say to yourself the words; “I AM,” and Fill in how you want your day to go with something positive about yourself and your day.

It works, it sets the temperature for you to feel all the beauty you are, a morning mantra empowers you, it sets an awareness to take into your day. That is the perfect way to get your groovy on and create perfect weather!

Think of yourself as a walking magician sprinkling your magical energy everywhere. The more you give, the more you light up.

You are on a joyous journey every day, and you are walking around in the company of yourself and other people. You are powerful and can change the energy flow with your self-talk, presence, and intentions. YOU are POWERFUL!

“What day is it?” asked Pooh.
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.