“And the Ball Dropped”

“And the Ball Dropped”
Day Twenty-Four of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute Challenge: 2017
New Year’s Day, all the 2016 hoopla is now behind us. It is New Day, New Beginning, New Chapter, letting go, forward movement, getting grounded and remaining open TO LIFE.
I invite you to take five minutes to jot these ways onto a piece of paper or your journal to increase the flow of the New Year. I always love the expression; THERE’S POWER IN THE PEN!
Ways to begin 2017:
*Maintain an equilibrium between harmony and balance within.
*Practice generosity with yourself.
*Write down what you desire no matter how out of reach or silly it seems.
*Spend more time with people you feel connected too.
*Self-care in ALL areas of your life; emotionally, physically and spiritually.
*Lean into your sensitivities, instead of rejecting them.
*Don’t be afraid to ‘let go,’ the best way to befriend yourself.
*Do more things for yourself; My favorite Mantra; After ME, you come first. Raised my kids on that one.
*Be kind whenever possible, especially when you are NOT feelin it!
*Hand that shit over to the Universe; The Universe can handle it, after all, it is a great BIG Abyss waiting for your prayers.
*Change up your morning rituals, shock the body into New Beginnings.
*Commit to yourself first and foremost.
*Love yourself more.
*Be open to curve balls in life, makes for a most exciting journey, and opens you up to new opportunities.
*Set intentions each day-It works.
*Take your own advice this year! You got this!
Blessed, joyous, peace filled 2017 another year to begin again!
OM Shanti Dolby Dharma
The Mantra: I am the master of my own universe.
Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. -Alan Cohen

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