Receiving End of Life

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Receiving End of Life

Day Twenty-Five of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute Challenge: Receiving

Where can you open to receiving life’s abundance? Sometimes we are busy ‘giving’ ourselves away to life’s demands. So often we don’t feel worthy or deserving of receiving the gifts that life, people, and goodness have to offer us. Maybe we block the receiving by always doing, giving and not allowing ourselves to receive. I am sure if you think about it, you have this innate knowing that receiving at times can be uncomfortable or hard.

I invite you today to Allow, Accept and Appreciate the endless energy that flows through you. This energy is the conduit that allows you to receive more love, more goodness, more happiness and more “AHA” moments. It is the sparkle that wakes you up to your creative side of life and lets you feel your life-affirming abundance; to receive all that is your birthright, to receive.

How can we do this: It is the practice of letting go of situations, storylines, material things, and people, etc. We are endlessly being filled up with heavy energy that needs to be cleared out. If we don’t move it out, it gets stuck and weighs us down.

You Let Go When You Let In, you are receiving life. Results; Love expands and comes back to you, abundance comes, joy comes, everything shows up. The hard part to letting go.

When I refer to, letting go, it is not about forgetting the past, mistakes, bad habits before we can receive. It is an energetic exchange of giving and receiving. Look at letting go as ‘giving’ the Universe back that which no longer is needed or serves your highest good, and allow yourself to receive fresh new energy.
☮Dolby Dharma

The Mantra: I live my life like it’s my favorite game to play. I am on the receiving end of abundance. I AM worthy.  THANK-YOU!

A huge connection exists between your willingness to receive and what you actually get. ~ Amanda Owen


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