“Meaningful Coincidence”

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“Meaningful Coincidence”

Day Twenty-Eight of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute Challenge: Synchronicities in life

We have all experienced a synchronistic event in our lives where we are blown away. Some examples are and not limited to these: You are thinking of someone you have not talked to in like forever, and ‘BAM’ they call. How about those perfect timing events!

Things happen for us just when we need them most, and of course, the ‘numbers’ thingy (7-11,11.11 etc.), where the same numbers show up repeatedly. Why do we manage to notice that?

I am sure we have all experienced walking into a room where the TV is on and walked in on the same scene again and again on a different day, maybe even months later. I use to ask myself, is this frame in the film trying to give me a message. Who knows but I was always, and still fascinated by that phenomenon.

We are powerful, we just don’t always tap into that hidden energy within. Our minds can move energy and the more we are in tune with our inner voice, we can understand the exterior signs easier. We can confirm what we are experiencing. That is the law of attraction, the moment our inner and outer world connects us and shows us what might be a “meaningful coincidence” that needs to be noticed.

Pay attention to events, people, feelings in your life, especially the ones that cause you to pause; know that they play an active role;
it is a co-creative event that we have brought to life in the subconscious playing field of our minds. “WHOA,” I am in awe and fear of how powerful we are.

Practice being open to Mindful-Time; always waiting for us to wake up and expand our consciousness. With all the distractions in the twenty-first century, we have tuned-out. We rely on our electronics to dictate our lives. Time to take our power back. Dolby Dharma

The Mantra: I engage the flow of life by expanding my awareness.

Synchronicities are a reflection of the deeper, underlying nonlocal field
of consciousness waking up to itself through us. ~ Paul Levy

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