Freedom is just another expression of letting shit go!

Freedom is just another expression of letting shit go!
Waking up in the morning sometimes ‘boggles’ (pun intended) my mind with how many thoughts just come flooding into my brain; about myself, a dream, something someone said, a behavior I did or did not particularly like, what I have to do today, etc. I am talking about the wake-up morning rundown, which I want to refer to as; The “This, that, and the other BS.” Cracks me up how we can immediately put ourselves in jail before we even leave the house.
The excellent news those thoughts are gentle reminders of how much we store and hold on to that weighs us down. They are also a great reminder of how the mind chatter gets served up.
Those rundowns serve as a gentle reminder to myself that I have choices of how I want to begin my day and what story do I want to run with. That mind chatter also is a reminder that asks me the BIG question; “who would I be without that story.” The answer is still the same, I would be me, but if I did not have a story, I would be graced with a clean slate of unknown surprises, and freedom that can come into my life experiences.
The storylines we cling to in our lives keeps us, prisoners; from being, having and doing.
Today; let go of one storyline that runs on rerun, I know you have one, we all do, and feel that freedom. Letting go is another way to be kind to yourself, and, love yourself just a smidge more.
Our storylines can weigh us down, bring us down and certainly doesn’t help us to feel the love for ourselves if we are running old storylines that are no longer true, or better yet, were never true.
You are the CEO of your own mind, and that beautiful mind talks to the cells in your body and delivers. Your mind is your humble servant.
Make each thought one that gives flight to the light of your life.
Each new day holds out a chance to create a whole new beginning, a bright field of new, exciting possibilities.  Dolby Dharma
“I am often amused and sometimes amazed by the free-reign constructs of my mind. That is why I regularly converse with myself – I am one of my better friends…”
― Gavin Mills

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