Get lost in your soul!

Get lost in your soul!
Dance is a fantastic healer. When was the last time you just let yourself go? You don’t have to go to a nightclub to dance, you can dance in your own sacred space.
Everything you need to know is inside your being waiting to be expressed by you. You don’t have to be a ‘Dancer’ per se, dancing is something we all have in us. We just have to express it outward and feel every inch of ourselves.
Twirling around and feeling all the constrictions, rigidness and imbalances wakes up the wisdom and flexibility of the souls calling. Movement is a way to tap into your bodies flexibility and discover more of YOU.
Dancing is a seeker of expansiveness, the seeker of the forgotten.
Use your imagination for just a moment; say you are feeling not so right about some things in your life, or you are suffering from a health issue, or maybe just a not so great relationship, or you just feel so fantastic you need to release all this happiness…
Whatever it is…
Use dancing as a way to express your story, let this dancing be your outlet. Allow and welcome dancing as a way to free up the caged wisdom within. I bet once you get movin and groovin, you will feel free as a bird, and the lesson to learn is; energy is real, expression changes things, and you wear the Ruby Slippers.
Today I am grateful for the simple things that surprisingly make me feel great, tapping into myself. Dolby Dharma


 Love flows through, and we actualize our Divine Selves. Dolby Dharma
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Your soul is a seeker, lover, and artist; shape-shifting through archetypal energy, between your darkness and fields of light, your body, and spirit, your heaven, and hell, until you land in the moment of sweet surrender; when you, as a dancer, disappear into the dance.
Gabrielle Roth

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.