Full Moon Rising!



I have always loved worshiping the moon; it started in college when I took an astronomy class to satisfy one of my electives. One of the assignments was to watch and track the moon’s course for the entire semester. I had no idea that this elective would change the way I looked up into the skies. For me, it was to fill a space to graduate, but astronomy filled more than that. My course was altered as well; I became one with the moon.

I am forever grateful looking back, that elective was the only class available for the time I needed to fill; it changed my life, I did not realize how beautiful and powerful the experience would be to follow the moon’s course.

When I gaze up and see the moon, I feel so much power within. For the past thirty years, it has become my meditation, my ritual and my connection to nature and myself.

It is a beautiful metaphor that all things come to fullness with the full moon, not to mention other folklore tales; set an intention tonight while gazing upward basking in the beauty of all that you are and enjoy its manifestation. You just never know; wishes, dreams, and change do come true.

You deserve it! Make it your sacred personal generosity to yourself.

Being in touch with the moon energy is a ‘healing balm’ not to be missed. When you witness the shift within, you will be forever changed by the beauty you feel within you and around you. The moon has that effect.

Time for a good soul cleansing and nourishment. Give yourself some “me” time and allow for what needs to be felt, acknowledged and expressed. When you look up, don’t forget to howl at the moon too. Breathe deeply! Dolby Dharma 🐺

“I am committed to feeling a bond with each person I meet, to respecting my own integrity and honor, to living within the energy of love and compassion and returning to that energy when I don’t feel it, to making wise and blessed choices with my will, to maintaining perceptions of wisdom and non-judgment, to release the need to know why things happen as they do, and not to project expectations over how I want this day to be and how I want others to be. And finally, my last prayer, ‘to trust the Divine.’ And with that, I bless my day with gratitude and love.” – Caroline Myss

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.