Lonely no more!


We have all felt lonely at some point in our lives, and I am not talking about ‘ being alone’ that is a choice. I am referring to a real lonely, achy feeling when you don’t know who you are, what the point is, or why are you here, and what matters.

You start to search for something to fill in the gaps, fill you up, something to take away the loneliness. Your mind starts searching for meaning.

That loneliness is a calling. Calling you out to go deeper.

Bryant Mcgill wrote; “Life’s pressure is equal to your resistance. Your grief has endless time. Your sadness is bottomless. Your worries are relentless. Your resentment is unquenchable. Your fears are unmovable. Every dimension of your suffering will instruct you until you have learned your essential lessons”.

For me, the lesson was to lean into my feelings, to get to the roots of my soul. To feel that ache without filling myself up to escape my sense of abandonment. Instead of searching outside myself, I took a journey into my interior castle, not to come up with answers, but to know the depths of myself more.

That loneliness is a nudge for me to love myself not in a way that things, people or places will make me happy, whole or healed.

Loneliness comes, and when it does, it is an opportunity to answer, not in way of desperation to escape, but to go deeper. To meet yourself again and again. That is the way to connect to yourself, to love yourself, to appreciate all that you are. You will never feel lonely again but will be excited to be invited back to the castle.

Loneliness is an invitation! Dolby Dharma

“The root cause of loneliness is not the absence of another, but the absence of the awareness of our connection to our true divine selves.” — Swati Nigam

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