Let yourself receive!

What a great feeling it is to let go and allow yourself to receive all the gifts life offers. When we receive, it allows the giver to feel joy. Giving and receiving is a two-way exchange of energy that can nourish and nurture both parties.

I know many people who are uncomfortable with receiving or taking anything. I once asked a friend why it was hard to accept; she replied, “I would feel like I owe them something, or I was obligated to return the favor in kind.” How sad not to feel worthy of a gift of any kind, love, monetary, or just a compliment without feeling you must give it back.

I know when I give my, time, money, energy, love, and kindness; I am giving with an open heart because it gives me pleasure. It is the ebb and flow of an open-hearted energy exchange of what life is all about.

It took me a long time to kick it back and receive. I was always the doer, rescuer, and the giver. In some ways, it gave me some control over the situation. Receiving was perceived to be a weakness, that I needed something. When the ‘AHA’ moment came to me that I was robbing another of an opportunity to give, I learned to say, “Thank You.” The more I engaged in that, the better I began to feel about letting go and receiving the gifts I deserved and witnessed the pleasure the giver received.

Growing up being the oldest of nine I was always the caregiver, the doer and just giving my time and energy to keep it all together. I guess you could say it was an occupational birth order hazard.
The automatic mother in me! It took me many many years to let go of being the one to give up myself and allow others the pleasure of giving.

The act of receiving and being open also brings us many other blessings; renewed sense of self, you are more creative and have more energy, and rightfully so, you are finding your balance, you don’t feel drained, there is a reason to express your creative side. The more you open and receive life’s gifts, you release stagnant energy in the body that has been blocked being on the one-way highway and you begin to heal in miraculous ways.

Open up to receiving, when you need something; reach out and ask, you will never know the answer if you don’t ask the question. People are good natured and want to help in any way they can, they don’t read minds, they feel the energy. Find your balance, let love in, and let the help of another ease your daily burdens.

Love is in you and all around you. Just expand your heart and allow life to fill you with the healing balm of love. YOU deserve it! Dolby Dharma

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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  1. I am NOT arguing anything, I am simply saying it is the EBB and FLOW of energy we exchange that creates balance. Not necessarily with the exact person that gave or received. It is a knowing when to just say, “thank you’. Thank you for reading and questioning, I appreciate YOU! Namaste’


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