“Imagine the unimaginable”



“Imagine the unimaginable”

Day Ten of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute challenge: Imagination

When I think of imagination, I think of inspiration, and I get excited about the possibilities of my imagination. We all have imagined something in our lives: winning the lottery, the perfect mate, a dream vacation, being in love, etc.

Almost everything we use daily is the direct result of someone’s imagination, thought or idea. People have created possibilities just using their wildest imaginations; the what if we did this in life.

When we start to use our imaginations, it allows us to explore the possibilities and ideas of things that are not in our present lives yet, or perhaps not even real. Imagination helps us tap into our creative thinking, helps us create and plan, maybe even do some hypothetical reasoning, picturing how it might look, how you will feel, what would you do with it and how excited you would be when it is realized.

We all know everything is energy, and that we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination, so why not put that magic imagination to work. Everything is possible if only we believe in our visions.

Today I invite you to tap into the magic of YOUR imagination. Close your eyes and look within, or take out a pen and paper to write down your wildest visions.

Take 5-minutes and just imagine one new possibility for your life. Your challenge is to dream big, be crazy and let your imagination soar into unexplored territory. What new possibility do you imagine for yourself? Enjoy every moment of this exercise, you hold the magic wand in your mind, use it!

By doing this simple 5-minute exercise, you are doing something remarkably superhuman. You are using the power of your IMAGINATION to bring into reality what you DO want to happen in your life. It has worked for me many times that it scares me to know just how powerful I AM. Dolby Dharma

Today’s Affirmation: I AM the magician, I imagine. Therefore I create new possibilities for my life.

“When a person begins to realize that the new realities he can invent are much larger and more far-reaching than he previously considered, he has dipped his foot in the ocean of magic.”Jon Rappoport

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