Drop the F-Bomb of Love!


Drop the F-Bomb of Love!
Day Nine of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute challenge: Forgiveness
I invite you to forgive today; take five minutes and think about who it is that needs or wants your forgiveness, or maybe you just need to lighten up and forgive yourself for something you have been heart-harboring.
Why do we get hurt? It is a natural part of being human, at least it seems to be because there is an awful lot of hurt people walking around upset, avoiding parts of their lives, living in angry and not talking to the people they want to talk to.
For me, personally, I expect to be hurt at some point in life, it is unrealistic to think otherwise, unless you lock yourself up in a closet and never interact with anyone. I will most likely hurt someone too.
Bottom line we get hurt, not all the time and not by everyone, but often enough by those we love, not because people are mean and hurtful, but because people are most often victims of their own “inner turmoil”, and this turmoil just erupts now and again in ways that hurt others and ourselves. There is a crazy old song, titled; The things we do for love, yes, we do plenty including hurting the ones we love.
What is forgiveness; Forgiveness is about YOUR healing. Forgiveness clears the blocks and obstacles so you can attract the miraculous life you want when you give up negative blocks that the UNforgiven energy brings to your life. Forgiveness allows you the freedom to move about the cabin.
To For-give literally, means to give forth and liberate all energies around the unforgiveness that do not contribute to your expansion and highest good.
Every moment is the perfect teacher, the lesson; to increase the power of love and forgiveness.
The easiest way to begin the forgiveness process is; using the Ho’oponopono practice, it is an ancient Hawaiian healing powerful prayer that produces miracles in life, give it a practice. This exercise is not for those you hurt but about releasing yourself from the turmoil of what or who hurt you.
The only way someone can hurt you is if you have given your power over to them. I have always told my clients that when you are discussing, complaining, harboring hurts; THEY OR IT OWNS YOU! Take back your power to love! Dolby Dharma
Today’s Affirmation: This one mantra can set you free, more than anything else. I forgive you ❤ I’m sorry ❤ I love you ❤ I’m sorry ❤ Thank YOU ❤
True forgiveness does not deny the suffering of the past but has a tremendous dignity and courage and power of love in it that says we will, and can, start again. ~Jack Kornfield

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