“Your Edginess”

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“Your Edginess”
You are valuable, brilliant and undeniably unique in your own birthright. Sometimes you need to stretch yourself up and out to bring out the natural brilliance and clarity within. The best part of a great flex is that you start to feel that beautiful, radiant side of yourself within expanding. Taking yourself to YOUR edge busts you out of the ordinary way of being, whatever that is for you. Edginess is healing, opening, or general good feeling-ness.
If you want to know, embrace and know what it is like to feel your new expansion, you are going to be saying “au revoir” to your comfort zone, and that means starting to learn how to find and feel your new edges. The places that nudge you.
It is in these moments we are feeling our way into another possibility of ourselves we have yet to uncover and discover outside the day to day routines. With this willingness to step up and out of your comfort zone comes a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty; that too is an edge.
Edges are always available to us, we will always be challenged with a person, situation, or place where we will want to step out of our comfort zone and reach for something a little more, maybe just another sip on the inhale. It has been said, that LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. That maybe be true, as in life we tend to become comfortably numb without knowing it.
Just maybe when you lean in a little more, you will get to feel that sense of aliveness that says, “I am flexible.”
So, edger’s, this is not about being or becoming “perfect” because you already are. It is about expanding and allowing yourself to grow and open to change whenever a situation speaks to you. Life is your practice, and you decide where your edge is at. You are exceptional, now go climb that mountain! 🌄  Dolby Dharma
The moral of the story is that it really doesn’t make any difference where you meet your edge; just meeting it is the point. Life is a whole journey of meeting your edge again and again. That’s where you’re challenged; that’s where, if you’re a person who wants to live, you start to ask yourself questions like, “Now, why am I so scared? What is it that I don’t want to see? Why can’t I go any further than this?” The people who got to the top were not the heroes of the day. It’s just that they weren’t afraid of heights; they are going to meet their edge somewhere else. The ones who froze at the bottom were not the losers. They simply stopped first, and so their lesson came earlier than the others. However, sooner or later everybody meets his or her edge.
**Pema Chodron
From ‘The Wisdom of No Escape’

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.