“One Shot here on Planet Earth“

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“One Shot here on Planet Earth“

When you think about it, we are everything and nothing neatly held within the physical container we call bodies. These containers have expiration dates that are unbeknown or known to us. I am sure many of us wonder what’s it all about anyway, and some just think, “whatever,” we just die, and rot in the earth.

Whatever the case may be, I believe we are here to love ourselves, honor our presence in this world and be an example of what it means to embrace our individuality that contributes to the good of the whole.

YOU are here to stand out, you are a magnet, attracting unto thyself. Your thoughts about who you believe you are; are vibing out to the Universe, it is an invitation, and that invite is bringing your exactly what you think you are. You are here NOT to disappear into the sameness of others. It is your one shot at being YOU! Remember, the Universe is listening and will deliver.

Mantra: My body/mind/spirit serves a higher law. I embrace my intimate moments of a heartfelt connection to myself.
Dolby Dharma

“The real YOU is not the oneness of The Universe we all share, but the ONE who mediates between your own Universe and The Universe we all share. If you try to fit in, then your Inner World, the source of your GODHOOD and UNIQUENESS will disappear.”10 Mind-Blowing Quotes About THE SELF … – Life Coach Code.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.