Download your upgrades.

Download your upgrades.
Become aware of the powers around you, within you, and especially the energies you are vibing with that are continually downloading because of the law of attraction.
Invite your soul being to be your partner. Yes, yourself, Spiritual downloads seem to come randomly so make that invitation a standing ritual.
Once these downloads get consciously activated, be prepared to experience all kinds of dance steps without warning. You may feel like jumping for joy for no reason, you might get that intuitive ‘hit’ of clarity that freaks you out. You might hear buzzing in your brain, feel lightheaded or heavy energy around your head and heart space. When you get that unexplainable feeling go with it baby and ask your guides for some assistance. Yep, just ask, out loud. “what is it you want me to know so that I can open up more, and fill my body with the wisdom of the Universe.?”
Each day I practice as I step up to my higher self, as I prepare for an epic download of consciousness. Dolby Dharma
“Love springs from the inside. It is the immortal surge of passion, excitement, energy, power, strength, prosperity, recognition, respect, desire, determination, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, and vitality, that nourishes, extends and protects. It possesses an external objective – life.”
― Ogwo David Emenike

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.