The Magic of Friday the 13th

Today is your lucky day! Yep Luck, magic, all kinds of happy surprises will and can emerge from this auspicious day.  Before you walk out the door just picture a mist of swirling, healing, magical energy spinning all around you. I know it seems crazy, but hey why not.  This ritual works, try it!  I bet you have the BEST DAY EVER!

Energy levels are High High High most peeps are aware of this superstitious day which gives it a double boost of power and strength. Lucky us to be out and about soaking, and/or drinking up the good stuff.

Friday the 13th is considered a mighty day to manifest, honor creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of the soul. So put on your dancing shoes and celebrate the day in style. Make this Friday the 13th, HAPPY HOUR all day long!

Breath in all that magic and power, and exhale it everywhere you go. Share the wealth and wisdom of mystical markers, the absolute Exiar of life.

This all procedes the New Moon in the fire sign of Aries, and, Mercury going direct. Whoa! This is a busy and highly active New Moon partied up with Mercury moving forward, and it is going to bring some potent and influential changes our way. What a great start for the weekend.  Start manifesting!

Each day I AM in love with life. I create everywhere I go with every one I meet. Dolby Dharma

Magic is not a practice. It is a living, breathing web of energy that, with our permission, can encase our every action. ~ Dorothy Morrison








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