Check your vibration

When we take pause and feel the vibrational energy in and around us, it allows us to feel ourselves more; that vibrational energy is a big serving of self-awareness and power. This tuning in brings a presence to what is naturally happening.

We can co-create more magic, blessings, love, and abundance in our lives when we tune in to the energy field that flows in and around us.

The Universe is always in communication with the Universe within us. The infinite cosmos knows what we think and what we feel without us having to open our mouths and speak. I personally think our thoughts are far more powerful.

Life is about alignment, awareness and a willingness to be open to the energy exchange that happens all day long.

We have to decide: “Okay, enough, I am ready to change up my vibe, I AM powerful. I am available to own my natural resources. I am prepared to see, be and have things differently in my life in exchange for personal freedom.

It is not easy to tune in and tap out of the old patterns, but it is the discomfort that brings us into awareness that something inside has to change the vibe.

Real freedom lies within; to be connected to our inner abilities, energy flow, and Divine light; that supports us to create magic, purpose, and follow our dreams.

We are always ready, always Divinely aligned because of our connection to miracles of energy, which cannot be destroyed only transformed.

“Abracadabra is a Hebrew word meaning I create what I speak and what I think”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.