Explore your Inner Universe

There is so much going on around us and out into the great big abyss of the starry-eyed skies. But more importantly, there is a great big Universe residing in us as well.

We, like the Universe, are complicated with unforeseen activities that have yet to be discovered by us. Easy to look outside ourselves but very difficult to look within, unless we turn on our internal telescopes.

What is hidden sometimes stays hidden from us. But the truth is the hidden aspects are always in plain sight; who sees them? Mostly other people. We often act our inside selves out, and all the people are the audience who either clap for us or boo the shit out of us as a result of our actions, behaviors, and beliefs.  This happens because people don’t know what is going on, and sometimes neither do we. People mostly react off of what they see or what they believe to be true based on what they think they know. No one knows us, and it is so interesting to hear others think they do, especially when we don’t even know ourselves fully most of the time.

There is no time like the present to get to know ourselves more by exploring our cosmos within.

How can we do this; Go out in nature and listen for the heartbeat of everything around you, as you do this your inner world will begin to respond and speak to you. Go for a swim with your head underwater and listen. Go outside in the middle of the night and feel the pulse of the galaxy, close your eyes and listen again. Making a conscious connection within has a lot to say to us if we only ‘listen.’  Listen more to the inner-voice even if it seems out of character, after all, there is so much more within that needs to be let out.

Take inventory of what you think your inner cosmos looks like, marvel at all the stars, planets and galaxies within that keep you alive.  Create a new math for yourself within, one that will help and heal you in this life.  Many miracles will appear when we turn the gaze and conscious awareness inward.

YOU are important, You are a Universe, You are limitless!  Dolby Dharma

“Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them.

PART SUN AND MOON by Suzy Kassem”


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.