Mercury Retro-A Sty in my eye!

I’ve been stung by the Scorpian this Mercury Retrograde, and it hurts like a MOFO.

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Mercury represents the rational mind ‘Buddhi;’ it is a “Vedic Sanskrit word that means the intellectual faculty and the power.”

All this retro boils down to is an opportunity to, reason, review, revise, rewrite, re-edit, revisit, re-analyze, discern, not judge, have compassion for myself, and understanding, but most essential for me too; to repair, to heal and reappear.”

Mercury in Scorpio can give rise to thoughts that can manifest into physical outbursts; hence, the sty in my eye. You can only hold your shit together for so long before it rears its ugly head. 

The more in-depth lesson of Mercury Retrograde is basically a Mexican standoff, 樂  slowing-down thoughts and being intentionally patient.

In other words, ‘Just breathe.’ Image result for just breathe

No doubt, I have been taking deep breaths working on bringing the balancing life force to my thoughts and the sty in my eye.

I have been patient with myself and the healing time with this, but the struggle is real.

sty in my eye nov 2019

It’s been a week now and literally, no healing insight. I know what Mercury is doing to me–Causing me some DELAYS, forcing me to marinate in my own shit, slow my ass down, and to deal with “IT.”  But FUCK!!!!!!!!

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What else can I do but sit here and blog out my frustrations and hope that by purging my thoughts–there comes healing.  Bringing this darkness to the light of life!

Mercury retrograde november 2019

“What you’ve ignored, Mercury has unearthed.”

Buddhi – Wikipedia.

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