We came to play

Inside of each of us is the purest divine essential being.

You only need to clear out the blockages that have hidden your essence from yourself.

This world is where we forget about who we are and, at the same time, help us remember who were are. That is the beauty of polarities.

This world delivers trauma and thoughts of separation, and each of us has the power to change it.

We created all the diversities to experience contrast and to appreciate our organic essence once we return to it ourselves.

Without the contrast of this 3-D life, how would we navigate back to our Divinity?

Do You Know How Powerful Your Thoughts Are? | HuffPost Life

It is time to release the blame, shame, and guilt that we covet to make ourselves feel safe, secure, and sometimes right. 

We are innocent of all the charges we brought upon ourselves, and once we understand that we are all innocent, we will begin to shed the guilt, shame, and fear that keeps us connected to this 3-D world and our return to love. 

We came here to remember ourselves and learn lessons to share and expand our awareness of one consciousness in every encounter. 

Our tethered souls agreed on different contracts with other souls before we incarnated; we agreed to play the game of life. 

We agreed to bruise other souls. FOR THE SAKE OF THE LESSONS.

The healing is in self-forgiveness. Which breaks the contracts in a holy instant. 

Self-forgiveness is an influential decision that we make to Free ourselves from the aggressions we think we committed towards ourselves or another.

By choosing not forgiving, we continue to exist in the old Energy and old storylines.

This turbulent Energy (which represents a lack of love) isn’t real but an error in our thinking. 

We can only meet ourselves as deeply as we believe ourselves to be. 

The misinformation we are telling ourselves to inflict some kind of punishment is just that–misinformation.

Choosing to forgive is simply is the decision to choose love over fear.

When we prioritize self-love, we will change our decision, and forgiveness will be everyone’s grace, freedom, and peace. 

As a result of right-minded thinking, We knowingly let go of our problem(s), people, or situation(s) and turn the solution over to our higher belief, or the universe, which is made up of cosmic Energy that cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

The time is now to move on from those old beliefs and thought patterns. 

We experience traumas to heal from them and then inspire others without uttering a word.

Everything is a matter of perspective. And you have the power override it–whatever ‘it’ is.

Choose to rise above the battleground.

Choose to change your mind about how you see yourself and the world, and everything changes. 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.