YOU’RE DOING “IT” TO YOURSELF. Just notice that!

YOU’RE DOING “IT” TO YOURSELF. Just notice that!

In the meantime, meet yourself where you are at first to understand what’s going on in your life.

Imagine if we understood how we do shit to ourselves, that nobody or nothing is doing anything that we don’t give our permission to regardless of what is being said or done. Hard to imagine, I know. I have heard this saying, and it made total sense when I took away my judgment and disbelief that I asked for anything in my life that I did not like or want.

It goes like this; Every victim needs a perpetrator, and every perpetrator needs a victim.

Makes total sense vibrationally–being we are made up of tiny energetic particles.

The world isn’t doing anything to you. Other people aren’t doing anything to you. You can only attack yourself. 

You might wonder, “how the hell am I attacking myself.”

 You attack yourself with your thoughts about the world and yourself. It is your beliefs that attack you; when that person, place, or thing shows up and says or does something you don’t like, and feel offended, or don’t believe in, that is the trigger; we either pull the trigger because we believe we are being attacked or we simply just listen because it has no meaning, nothing is posing as a threat, so there is no attack. 

Crazy, I know. 

You are the scripter of your own life! Each moment you are being offered an opportunity to re-remember how to re-script your reality.

Reclaim your sovereignty, and be willing to do the inner work to heal any trauma. 

Mindset– the thoughts that occupy your mind are programming your reality. You can only meet your world and others in the mindset you believe yourself to be.

What do you think about the most? 

How much control do your thoughts have over your emotional responses?

When you understand Perception is Projection, you have mastered knowingness. 

Heart connection– these thoughts’ emotional power and belief empower them even more. Are you consciously and adequately processing your emotions as they arise within you? Or do you allow yourself to fall into the emotional chaos and ensuing drama?

A clear mind/heart/body connection is of the utmost importance. 

When we allow the energy to flow freely through our physical bodies, we distribute a balance throughout our energetic systems, allowing us to align with our unique frequency of energetic flow. Not so much the flow of the external flow.

Blockages in our chakras/energy bodies show us where we are holding on to pain and density and blocking our energetic flow. Suppose we are willing to engage with these areas of trauma wounding and recognize and remove these blockages. In that case, we allow healing energy to shed light like a laser beam to break up what we are holding onto. This doesn’t mean we have to re-experience physical pain/injury. A simple willingness to notice and experience self-awareness are the keys here. This will take patience, understanding, and energetic resolution on your part. 

The big question to ask yourself–Are you willing to let go? 

To cut yourself loose from the bonds of the past? 

To release/forgive to free yourself? 

In this, we can release the energetic blockages from our energy/bodies and free up room within our sacred energetic space for new activations and genetic upgrading, activating our divine gifts and abilities and aligning more closely with our highest version of self. Positive vibes and opportunities will begin to move in. Then comes the reprogramming, aka conscious creation and mastering manifestation.

Your only true soul contract here breaks free from all false contracts created to entrap you, control you, and feed off you by the system of domination and control. Your ultimate expression is to regain your most profound awareness, abilities, truth, wholeness, and, most importantly, your sovereignty. You can do this by fully knowing, accepting, and loving yourself on all levels.

We can achieve this by releasing guilt, shame, and fear that have been falsely guiding our human experience.

Awareness of self and bringing back all split fragments of your soul into the present sacred moment of now is the path to help align with to create authentic and lasting change here on Earth; the only change you can manage is your own. 

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.