You create your own proof in life!

We always look for proof, validation, Truth, and justification daily; that is how we navigate this life. 

It has been conveyed by many, maybe even our minds, that; “nothing can trouble you more than your imagination.”

When we look closely at our own experiences, we see that our mind creates our experiences—nothing more.

A “problem” cannot exist without first believing something is “wrong.”

Without any interpretation from our minds, Without the shade of consciousness, we might be able to see that all experiences are perfect and pure.

Only the subjectivity of our thoughts separates us from the perfection of what Awareness already perceives. Nothing of this Earthly existence–we make it up, not Awareness.

People can only meet life as profoundly as they assemble themselves, and we can only receive in the mindset we believe ourselves to be.

                      Notice that!

Truth be told, “wrong/right” is just a concept, a made-up idea put in motion to direct human traffic. It does not exist outside of the mind, just like time.

The Truth of reality is subjective at best; we make it up according to what we choose or want to see, by the beliefs about life we have established over time. 

In its infinite and eternal wholeness, the fact is all-accepting and perfect, and YOU are THAT.

It would behoove us to stop believing that things “should” or “shouldn’t” be a certain way to understand that we live in an illusion created by each human soul as we go along rooted in our beliefs. Everything is only real once we make it real. Bottom line: Your reality is not my reality and vice versa. 

Once such thoughts are released and understood, all struggles will disappear into the purity of pure Awareness, unblemished by any judgment, criticism, or opinion of the mind. Even if it is only for a moment. Because that is how life rolls.

You are free, unattached, not weighed down by the if only’s, shoulda coulda, and woulda– if only create a life of disappointment, fear, guilt, and shame.

When you are FREE. You will begin to live by the slogan, “It is what it is and not how I wish it to be.” All is as it needs to be. 

I am at peace. 

I know hard to get there, but everything is possible in this world of “I know nothing and everything.” That is the only proof we need to know. 

Once we no longer allow our imaginations to create stories and proof around everything it perceives, and where the source of all our sufferings arises.

We then unearthed the moment, the joyfulness of our true nature, which can shine bright and not shaded by perceptions and projections.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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