30 random things about me in no particular order




1. I have met Keith Urban.
2. I enjoy my yoga practice, it is the only time it really is ‘all about me’.
3. I partied with Elvis Presley when I was 20.
4. I enjoy building websites, creating and positioning is fun.
5. I get up at 5 AM, give thanks for the silence and the voices in my head; they tell me what to write.
6. I wish people would take off their masks; I would like to get to know them.
7. I don’t TRY anything, I PRACTICE everything.
8. I enjoy my alone time, but I also like being social.
9. I want to move out of California to create a change, to live in the mountains, near or on a lake.

10. I am reading about 5 books, and listen to CDs in my car, current, ‘The dark places that scare us by Pema Chodron.

11. I am working on my book, which has morphed gazillion times, because I have avoided it for 20 yrs. 
12. I respect and value myself.
13. I am the oldest of nine, I know my mother was insane, but a beautiful lady.
14. I worked in a home for the aging when I was 21; I received a lot of wisdom in there, which had a huge impact on me.
15. I use to surf, practically lived at the beach as a teenager.
16. I pick angel cards every day, write in a journal, meditate, and ponder it all. 
17. I love hallmark TV, getting lost in someone else’s bliss inspires me, opens my heart more.
18. I am a people pleaser, which is ok, because I know how to please. I please myself first; Quote from me is, ‘after me you come first,’ my motto.
19. I practice ‘openness’ and ‘letting go’ daily, that makes me feel free. 
20. I love the unknown it is scary and exciting.
21. I don’t watch the news it is a complete negative highway into hell, I know all I need to know will find me, I am sure of it.
22. I talk on the phone a lot. 
23. I love the word Fuck, and it pisses some people off, they need to get over themselves and their book of rules.
24. I count my blessings every moment.
25. I am a thinker and believe in the power of my thoughts.
26. I break the rules at times, which might explain why people get pissed, they have this secret rule book of instructions they forgot to give me.
 27. I am in school working on getting my Board Certified Life coaching; my specialty will be transnational-relationship/wellness Coach.

28. I loved teaching our Chakra Classes to our mystics with my BFF.

29. I along with my partner created the Mommy-babybondingblanket in 2012 you can read all about it on our site.

30. I AM


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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.