I AM Yoga!



YOU are Yoga, the short version of an empowering practice of taking care and loving yourself more.

Yoga means “to unite or integrate,” it is harmonizing the body with the mind, spirit, breath that can bring life back into balance, again and again. Nothing remains the same; we are consistently meeting our edge throughout the day, and Yoga is a peaceful way to bring yourself back. No two people practices yoga the same, yoga is that sacred sweet spot within that we personalized just for us.

Yoga is the very essence of ‘YOU’ connected to your inner sanctuary, tapping into yourself is a practice that develops over time; small changes come about evolving us in such a subtle way; the way we feel, behave and think about ourselves and others. Yoga as limitless benefits, if you open up to yourself, you will feel light, lifted and calm.

Yoga is not a religion, but a checking in with the self, a way to nurture yourself when feeling out of balance or you just need some internal love. One of the ways I have nurtured myself is through my yoga practice; it is the one hour and change that I can devote to my healings, self-love and to reach out energetically to everyone else.

You are yoga, and you can practice anywhere within you by connecting to yourself throughout the day! A simple acknowledgment goes a long way in nurturing yourself. If you can’t practice on a physical level, it is a beautiful practice with just your breath, everywhere, at any time.

If your only practice is your breath, that is a sweet beginning to knowing yourself more. The rhythm of the breath reflects back to us how we are doing in our moments; it reflects our mood, feelings, and our emotional state; you have been aware that when you are scared your breath can be out of control breathing that is rapid and hard.

You have reiterated a situation that upset you, and you can feel your body, mind and breath relive that moment, the anxieties come flooding back as if you were right at that moment again. You can begin your yoga practice by tapping into your breath when you feel yourself falling out of balance, with a gentle deep breathing you can begin to quiet and calm the mind and bring yourself back to you, a peaceful warrior.

The purpose Yoga is your connection to yourself, an alignment within, anytime we pay attention to our breath, thoughts, and actions we are practicing Yoga.

Essentially, yoga is about self-realization, real freedom, where the individual self merges into the universal self. Dolby Dubrow

When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still. — Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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