A stone throw away!



We are all just a stone throw away from experiencing some event or situation that can leave us scared, vulnerable and fragile.

This past week I experienced feeling fragile, scared and walking on shaky ground. I have always considered myself the strong one, the one who takes care of everything, protects my family and friends. The cheerleader for everyone when their lives feel frail and out of control.

My slogan; ‘I got this.’

This past week I was feeling a ton of anxiety for something that was out of my control. I know most things are out of our control, but I also know we think we are in control, at least we like to believe that.

The only strength I could hold onto that I could grasp was my faith, my breath, and how I will direct my energy and even those elements were feeling challenged at the moment.

I know that it’s okay to feel down, to cry, to feel vulnerable and to get it all out; that is a natural relief, but that doesn’t change the ‘reality’ and the fragilities of the things thrown at us in unexpected ways. We have insecurities, weaknesses, heartaches, past hurts, and fears, that shape how we will experience certain hardships. I was tested this past week.

When our lives get hard, scary, and feel like we are spiraling in a tunnel where we can’t see the light or which way is up. That is the time to dig deep within, call out the warrior and be brave and open to all the love and support that is offered to us without feeling like a burden. We all deserve a helping hand now and then. That is what gets you through it too.

Fragile and uncertain times are the perfect opportunities to love ourselves, even more, to trust, even more, to have faith in something greater than what we can see, the unknowing spirit that is watching out for all of us and that everything is in Divine order.

None of us know what comes or the outcomes of our lives; that is the great mystery.

That unknowing is scary and exciting depending on what is going on in our lives. One day at a time, one breath at a time helps us deal with fragile, uncertain, unknowing times that will come, like it or not!
Life is good! Dolby Dharma

Never be ashamed of what you are feeling.

No matter how strong and Positive we are;
It okay to be sad sometimes.
It’s okay to be afraid sometimes.
It’s okay to cry or want someone to hold you.

It doesn’t mean you are weak.
It just means that you are strong enough to accept;
And embrace all that your Journey brings to you.
It takes great courage to be able to do that.

Out of this Darkness, the Light of Hope will Shine.
And with the Lessons learned;
You will come forth out of the cocoon;
Like a Butterfly, celebrating its Transformation.

Beautiful Hearts, we may be Brave;

But we’re all a little Fragile at times.

~ Kiran.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.