“The day I fell in love with Myself.”


“The day I fell in love with Myself.”

Valentine’s day is the hallmark holiday that means something different for everyone. For me, it’s just another day, for other’s it means somebody loves them. I guess at my age and married for 38 years, I have learned that the more I honed in on my ‘self-love,’ the more love came my way, it’s true.  Every day for me is an opportunity to love myself more and know myself deeper. It’s the perfect foundation for being a loving presence.
I have witnessed many friends dropping hints to their significant other for what they want for this over glorified not the real meaning of love day! The more attached to the outcome they were, the farther away the action of love eluded them. The heartache and disappointment set in, and hearts were broken apart. It is too much pressure to demand we wake up to some superficial Hallmark day. It is NOT for us; it is for the BIG businesses capitalizing on the hearts of the lonely ones, single and married.
You must be thinking; How do I get through this over glorified V-day when I feel so alone when EVERYONE seems to be in love and doing all the great things lovers do on February 14th? Not always easy especially if you are attached to the meaning behind the day and the outcome of what you perceive love actually to be.
The most important… And I mean important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. That missing emotion of self-abiding love for the beautiful creation you are is the primary ingredient missing in all your relationships, believe it or not, it can keep us from the love we are craving. You know the saying, to have friends, you have to be a friend first. That applies to most things in life.
You got to feel it to heal it!
Self-love is honoring the wholeness that you are without a partner.
Self-love is celebrating you for no reason other than you are perfect.
Self-love is creating rituals for yourself, so you feel celebrated.
Self-love is practicing self-care, exercise, meditate, mindfulness.
Self-love is not needing anyone or anything to complete you.
Self-love is wanting what you already have.
Self-love is loving others because YOU feel that awesome love.
Self-love is giving ‘YOU’ what you need, and only ‘YOU’ know what that is. Everything else in life is a compliment to you!
So as this V-day approaches, make a date with yourself and do ‘EXACTLY’ what you want to do, maybe you can ask someone out. Self-love is all about feeling empowered and fueled by your own beautiful heart. Self-love is living intentionally from the heart, YOUR heart. Don’t be surprised when all that crazy good love comes flooding in. Brace yourself! Life is about celebrating YOURSELF! Nobody does it better baby!

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