“All I have to do is Dream.”

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“All I have to do is Dream.”

With the New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse today we can let things go that no longer serve us and prepare ourselves to receive our wishes, dreams, and desires.

Pisces is very porous, fluid, emotional and reasonable. Can I get a Whoa????Lots going on in the Piscean watery energy.

This is an opportunity to tap into your imaginations, bring out your inner happiness, cuz baby there is a whole lotta psychic sensitivity going on, and we need a spiritual awakening fast.

This New Moon shines for you today, and it is very dreamy in nature, so let’s cash in on the magic the Pisces New Moon is giving us. This moon rules our inner selves, the new moon is a fantastic time to prepare for things to come, that is why writing out your desires is powerful, mystical and can bring an awareness to what is hidden within. The energy for manifesting is going to be extremely high now, take full advantage and show yourself some love.

Believe in the power of the New Moon baby, cuz this is your opportunity to plant what you want to grow. We have fertility on our side now.

We all have things we want, but let’s use our power to manifest our feelings and states of being instead of something material to appear. The actual power lies within details. So, when you are dreaming up your wish, write out how it feels, looks, even textures if that applies. Our goals need details, belief, and instructions to ripen.

When we surrender to the flow openly, belief in our manifestation powers, this energy can be directed naturally and organically towards our highest path. 🌟🌟BAM🌟🌟 Dreams do come true for you.

Self-lovers there are NO rules, NO limits on your dreams, wishes, desires, so don’t hold back, dream exceptionally big, the Pisces New Moon is opening its portal for you. Beam me up!

Just let go and surrender, remain open to this magical higher power of life!Dolby Dharma

Reach as high as you can and then a little higher, that is where all the magic is and possibly something wonderful you never expected.

Mantra: It’s ALL about the LOVE baby!

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