Liquid Love

I love hearts calling, her poetry is so beautiful and reaches into the core of who we are meant to be; pure Divine energy that transforms, and transcends us if we allow ourselves to be open this incredible melting pot of Divine grace. The darkness, the light, the opposites that life throws at us, this opposite that resides within and outside each of us create this Divine Grace which allows itself to flow freely through us without a struggle, without judgment and to expand our essence into this liquid love of our Divinity.  This expansion is our if we want it, it is ours if we trust the process, it is ours even if we ignore it.  Dolby Dharma

the story of who you are
does not belong to

regret and fear
it stands on the groundlessness
of breath, of love, of immersing
your soul in holy compassion

the story of who you are
belongs to the deep mystery
of your being
not belonging to the lonely
ache of this world’s breaking
but to folding into the winds
of prayer

the story of who you are
does not belong to yesterday
each page begins blank creating
a movement of life new flow
sorrow and joy mingled
but resting always in
the arms of love

the story of who you are
is ancient and new at the
same time
history told
your life unfolds
with new eyes
new awakening
new birthing
after dying to yourself
again, and again and again

the story of who you are
does not need explanation
reasoning or excuses
what falls and rises from
your path
is your journey
your life reaching light
and creating you into love.
Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Gun Legler
Heart’s Calling


Each day we must look deep inside ourselves and each other for the miracles we all contain. Dolby Dharma

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.