Surrender to the Ritual Fire

The call to surrender; there is nothing like a ritual fire to cleanse the mind from revolving thoughts that do not serve you or the situation that the energy of your mind is wrapped around, and not only releasing what no longer served us, freeing the people, places and things that served us too. Surrender to love.

So let’s put this spiraling energy to good use.

There are many ways to create a sacred ritual space. And whatever “method” you use, remember is that your intention that is the most essential here.

Set the intention of appreciation for what you about to release, acknowledging the lesson(s) or the appreciation(s) it has taught you.

I am a card savor, and I throw myself a birthday party every year, hence a boat load of cards.  I never throw out any card someone presented to me because it was unique and given to me in love. But over the years it was taking up quite a bit of space. I decided that I would buy a small covered metal firepit and put all the cards written to me in love and put them in the pit and light the fire and surrender them. A most beautiful offering.

My intention was to release the cards to the cosmos; Thank each soul who bestowed loving-kindness on me and energetically let them know how special their words were and illuminated the fire.

I sat outside for four hours waiting for all the cards to burn entirely away. I had some singing cards in there too which was crazy cool; as the card(s) heated up, they would play their tune.

I loved that! The sounds were memorable. I cannot wait to do it again. I have a huge box of cards up in the attic in the ‘Dolby’ box that one day I will go get and repeat this loving ritual.

Make up your own ritual; always take your burning ceremony outside to be safe and steer clear of any trees or flammable objects. If fire you are uncomfortable with fire rituals, just perform the ritual with some sage or just the enactment of the ceremony in your heart-mind without the fire will be worthy.

Hold your intention in an attitude of appreciation, you can say the mantra below or make up a special one of your own.

“With deep respect and great gratitude, I call upon the Divine, the masters and all the unnamed angels, I ask that you release all that has served me and that which no longer serves me and cast them into the naked universe.

I ask that you fill me with the lavender light of healing and protection, raise my vibration and those who have left me, are still with me and those who have yet to cross my path.  I call forward the presence and the power of the light and love to hold and support me and all those in me and around me.” And so it is!  I wish you the best!

 Love flows through, and we actualize our Divine Selves.
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