I can’t see it, but I can feel it!

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Most of us are aware of the power of our presence, thoughts, and words, we also have some understanding that energy is real and is driven by vibrational frequencies. Before we are seen or heard, our thinking alone turns on the energy.  If we can only trust, believe, and understand what conscious awareness is along with the intentional practice, the connections in our lives could transform and shift everything in and around us.


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Our Presence- Be aware of what your presence brings to other people, you are a bundle of energy.  Free yourself to be kind to people. Recognize you bring BIG energy to a room. You are a PowerBall, the lottery of life or not.

Our Thoughts- pulse energy baby. You can hide behind a smile or frown, but your thoughts can take you up or down.  Not only your electrified mind, but your entire body has an electric field. How’s that for an ‘Enter’ or ‘Do Not Enter’ personal flashing neon sign. Where we are on a conscious game we can determine what our reality can be. Once we tap into that realization, we can set our intention, choose a path that aligns with our desires–the Universe will do the rest.  Image result for bam sign

Our Wordsthe real power lies in what we say; words carry a frequency that can heal or hurt. Emoto’s water example is proof that how we choose to speak to ourselves or others can impact us on a cellular level.

Our thoughts, our words, our physical presence is always communicating something, and we are continually receiving that transmission. So very refreshing to know how powerful we really are.

Let’s use ourselves wisely.

Let’s turn fear into love.

Raising our vibration is as easy as changing our thoughts, but sometimes hard to maintain, that is why playing mind games or mnemonics can help us remember the important things.

One thing to remember; There are many layers to being human, many untapped layers, we will never see, but can feel.

Excerpt below by Rob Brezsny
“I’m imagining the possibility of helping to establish a tradition of uplifting gossip, full of praise and gratitude. What about, if instead of naming the shadowy aspects of our friends and acquaintances behind their backs, we identified, celebrated, and propitiated their divine glory and shining wonder?”

Vow: “I name the most beautiful truths about everyone I meet. I extol and congratulate, Cherish, cultivate, Quicken, and animate.”

“Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics”- Albert Einstein

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