To Thine Own Self Be True!



I had no idea that there was an actual ‘Self-Love club.’ I mean, I created this Self-love page years ago, but an actual club where people are committing to loving themselves and tattooing it on their body. It’s a global thing, who knew. Whatever it takes to bring awareness back to YOU, symbols, mantra’s, reminders, etc.!


It is inspiring to know that people are waking up to what it takes to make their lives expand in a way that brings them peace, harmony, and the love that they have been seeking outside themselves.

People are aspiring to live a life where they accept and love themselves without feeling shame, guilt or selfish. It’s about time; we started showing one another our deserving birthright.

Say YES, to yourself more often than not.

Self-love is anything but selfish.

Self-care- After me, you come first. My personal favorite mantra.
Self-compassion- be kind to your body, take care of your mental health.
Self-respect-Accept your amazing body as it is. It works for YOU.
Self-empowerment, Go for it, without holding back or apologize.
Self-esteem, Believe in all that you are, ALL of it.
Self-trust, trust yourself first and foremost. You got this.
Self-Acceptance, STOP comparing YOU to others, YOU are ONE_OF_A_KING for a reason.
Self-worth, don’t be afraid to disappoint someone at the expense of giving away what your needs, wants and desires. They will get over it.
A sense of self- ALL-WAYS shows respect, kindness, and understanding for others. When you love yourself accepting others is easy. That’s how we grow! We are ALL in this together!

YOU are worthy!
Mantra; I am authentic and present in my life.

“I love you. You are beautiful, exactly as you are right now at this moment. You are Love itself, Pure Awareness.~Love said so.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.