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This quote is great because it crushes expectations about who we should be or how we should act, and empowers us to make our choices of change and adjust our lives as often as we see fit.

Shapeshifting is our birthright, and sometimes people try to take that away, not because they are mean-spirited, but because change can be scary for some and they have rule books and want to pass on their ‘Rule Wisdom’.

If we show up different, don’t follow the crowd that can be scary especially when it is with our close friends and family who think they know us or knows what is best for us, after all, they believe that they have us all figured out.

If you decide to act, be or say something out of the ordinary, you Just might ruffle up a few feathers. Some people, not all, like us to remain the same, because if we change from what they are used to, they might be forced to look at themselves, so better to keep the status quo in their mind’s eye.

Fresh starts, changing things up is our personal freedom to pledge allegiance to ourselves. To know that we can take a right turn, a left turn, and take ownership of our changes, or just reinvent ourselves because we can.Dolby Dubrow

When people say “You have changed,” take it as a compliment, because that means that you have embraced the beautiful quality of life that is evolution.~ Anna Bilan

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.