“I DO”


Love this perfect declaration to thine own self-be true. We must pledge to ourselves to be kinder, more loving, accepting and forgiving. Marriage is one of these core bonds we do with other people, so often giving ourselves away. That is usually when all the drama begins, we give ourselves away, then wake-up and what us back.
Today, think about committing to yourself in a way that you feel whole, independent, rooted in a healthy relationship with ourselves first and foremost. Self-Marriage is a way to validate, declare, share, and sanctify self-love. Simply just say, “I do”! Dolby Dharma
Let’s begin by telling a simple truth: You will probably never create a resilient, invigorating bond with the lush accomplice of your dreams until you master the art of loving yourself ingeniously. A wedding ritual that joins you to yourself could catalyze an uncanny shift in your personal mojo that would attract a fresh, hot consort into your life, or else awaken the sleeping potential of a simmering alliance you have now.
If you’re feeling brave, try speaking the following words aloud:
“I am no longer looking for the perfect partner.
I am my own perfect partner.”
Say it even stronger:
“I am no longer looking for the perfect partner
to salve all my wounds
and fix all my mix-ups
and bridge all my chasms.
I am no longer looking for the perfect partner
because I am my own perfect partner.”
I pledge to wake myself up, never hold back, have nothing to lose, go all the way, kiss the stormy sky, be the hero of my own story, ask for everything I need and give everything I have, take myself to the river when it’s time to go to the river, and take myself to the mountaintop when it’s time to go to the mountaintop.
I vow to love myself unconditionally and unconventionally until the end of time and beyond. ~Rob Brezsny
The Mantra: I am strong and grounded in myself.

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.