“A Hot Mess.”

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“A Hot Mess.”

This state of BEing is so intriguing in the sense of how we look at ourselves and others. Are we BEing or BEcoming? Some of us want to change, and others wonder why they have to change.

We are adapting and evolving to new and higher levels to be someone other than what we already are, striving to go somewhere, dismissing the privilege of who we already are, or are we?

Who we already are is quite the hard definition to put into words, let alone wrap our minds around that concept, after all, we are always becoming something other than what we already are. Sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme, doesn’t it? Who are you? What are you?

Maybe we are ‘UNBEcoming’ and ‘BEcoming’ all at the same time. Maybe that is who we are a ‘Hot Mess’ of energy transforming like the speed of light, we just don’t see it. Something to ponder for real. Nevertheless, life goes on, we are always reaching for the stars and if that means BEcoming, I am all for it! Cheers to transforming the “Becoming to the UnBEcoming to BEcoming”! LOL Dolby Dharma

“The State of Being is not a state of ‘having been’ or ‘will become.’ Atman, the Self, the Soul, is not a ‘has been’ or ‘want-a-be.’ Your Real Self is not what you think you were in the past, or want to be in the future—nor is it what you think you are now. You are what you ARE, and what is that? That is the pure state of ‘is-ness,’ the pure State of Being.

We imagine ourselves to be something we are not, but we are always who we really are, and not who we have imagined ourselves to be. The thinking mind is not the Self.”~JMD

An artist has to be careful never to really arrive at a place where he thinks he’s at somewhere. You always have to realize that you’re constantly in a state of becoming, and as long as you’re in that realm, you’ll sort of be all right.
–Bob Dylan (from No Direction Home)

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.