“IT’S A????????????????”

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“IT’S A????????????????”

The January New Moon on the 27th which is today is very profound; it is considered a “starting of rebirthing energies” for the year ahead, we are now officially shifting away from the hangover of 2016 and boy was that a stiff drink. If that last year wasn’t enough of a ‘punch-drunk’ year, not sure how else to explain all that went on, and there is no need to, we have long gone left that par-tay. Time to reinvent ourselves.

We are in the year of ‘New Beginnings’. I love new beginnings, this is our opportunity to “rebirth” ourselves. This new moon is giving us the chance to write it down to prepare for the shift that will fully get revved up when the Spring Equinox arrives. But let’s not discount that the energy is starting right now, the water is moving us along it is time to plant those seeds, let them germinate and prepare us for our wishes, dreams, and desires.

This Aquarius energy is significant, it means Big starts, thinking BIGGER and certainly outside the box. ‘The reinvent you theme.’ How do we see ourselves? A vital vision guys, use this to your advantage.

Today prepare to create an undeniable shift in your life. It first starts with changing up the way you think about how you get things done, or how you feel about yourself in life. Do you immediately say, “NO,” your old paradigm, if so, work it, baby…It is time to step outside the ‘old you,’ and say, “YES” to your rebirth.

The new moon resides in Aquarius this cycle which represents water, and this Aquarius energy has the ability to hold our emotions which represent our ’emotional’ selves, and it also has the strength to carry them ‘to and fro’ depending on how we feel and think.

When I think of water, I think of power, washing, moving, and a place to hold space for our emotional energy to move it around to work for or against us. Water represents the nourisher, the cleanser, it sustains us, and it is vital to our existence. It is the elixir we need to rebirth ourselves. It demands respect and will accept nothing more and neither should you.

So Self-lovers, get out your journals, and begin the process of bringing in the new vibrations you wish to set the tone for 2017, prepare for your rebirth…”IT’S A????????????????” Dolby Dharma

“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”
― Gerard Way

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