Just the way you are!


Just the way you are!

Your joyfulness is not dependent upon another person, place or thing, even though those beautiful attributes contribute to your life in significant ways. They are only temporary fixes to your internal world of peace, love, and joy.

Happiness, joy, peace, contentment, are not ‘dependent’ on a spouse, lover, friend, partner or other tangible things.

I believe that there is something so much deeper going on that drives us to evolve here with all the souls who are here joined with the Great Mother Earth.

To thrive, expand and get ahead and satisfy this hunger our spirits require; nature, grounding, animals, travel, monetary things, mistakes, and many relationships. We just need to live out loud, make some noise, shake things up, but most of all do all of this while living from the heart.

“BAM”💥…send down the Divine Masters, the guardian angels, and messengers to liven things up here on planet earth. Ask your guides to bring on the polar- opposites so you may know yourself more so that you may bathe in the contrast of life and know nothing compares to YOU and everyone is invited to your party!

Go deep diving with every living breathing, pulsating heartbeat. Seek out the hidden treasures within your Sacred Self so that you may know the pulse of this world you have graced your presence with and they can know you too.

Make your life, your own interpretation, your own adventure, apply your own meaning, and just know you are enough just the way you are.

You are bold, bodacious, and a BADASS. Enough said. Dolby Dharma

Part of this authentic joy we talk so much about seems to start with actually believing and owning the fact that “I am enough.” Stratejoy

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.