Give up the ‘WHY’…

Give up the ‘WHY’…

Let go and surrender the need to know ‘Why.’ It can be hard to practice ‘Free Falling,’ we are wired to want to know all things, to figure things out before we proceed. Then, when things don’t happen accordingly, we ask ourselves; Why? Then our internal dialogue kicks in, and we might beat ourselves up, or some of us might say; Thank-you.

Either way, we don’t always get to know why and sometimes with good reason, unbeknown to us. Reasons we may never figure out, and even if we do, it won’t matter, because that will be the past.

The “I told you so’s” are so outdated. Getting it ‘right’ might just be what you think is ‘wrong,’ and vice versa. That is, of course, you live in the ideology of ‘right and wrong.’ Which unfortunately seems to be ingrained in human existence. That concept creates restrictions, limitations, and messes with our sense of being.

If we can commit, even for a day to not knowing, to letting go, maybe some fantastic unordinary results just might show up and change the way we feel about ourselves, our life and our connections. The next moment is not important, this one is. Breath Grasshoppa!

Be committed to being fully present in your life. Be committed to YOU.
Be present to what, who, or where you are in your life, right here, right now. Feel That!!!!

When you let go, you can reap the rewards of not being a result of your past. When you live in the now, you are entirely enlivened by you. When you are not looking to ‘what is’ or ‘why’ that, this and the other is happening or not; you are FREE.

Being in the present is where can tap into your creative power and your primary identity of who you are at this moment. This moment is when you know who you genuinely are. LIVE that.

Today I welcome a new reality in my life; the present moment. I let go of everything else with Grace and ease. I AM the NOW of my life.  Dolby Dharma

Sometimes it’s hard not to give up,
And keep going without knowing why.
That’s when I need to still my mind,
Open my heart and surrender my “I.”
~Kaypacha Lescher

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.