Expanding My Vision

I can see clearly now that I dare to change my thoughts and reactions to serve me in a way that takes me towards my Divine purpose.
REO speed wagon sang this verse loud and clear; “If you’re tired of the same old story; it’s time to turn some pages.”
Each day we are given an opportunity to change the way we think about our lives and our circumstances. It takes courage to change because we become so rooted in who we are, not only by ourselves but by other peoples perceptions of us.
Believe it or not, the way other peoples views, expectations, and opinions of us can keep us stuck too. Some want it that way. Also, it is a comfortable and familiar feeling the way things are, and if we go about changing our way of doing things, or our idea of ‘being’ and, ‘thinking’; it can be uncomfortable from their POV. This discomfort comes in the form of CHANGE.
It is like the domino effect, we get knocked off our path first, and everyone else is forced to change too. When we create shifts in our lives, others take a look at themselves also. Change can be SCARY, let’s face it same ole same ole is the familiar and keeps us safe, or so we think.
Each moment we have the gift to use our imaginations to explore new ways of being, new ideas and expand our perception of what is possible in our lives. When we open our minds to change and new visions for ourselves, we can grow and develop in ways that will create an energy flow of unknown circumstances that will and can resonate with us deep within. This change, shift, and deepening will be our new way of being, and we can rock steady and begin to improve our life circumstances and spark the inspiration within.
It is the beginning of embracing new possibilities, new ways of thinking that bring about unexpected changes that will get the ball rolling; not in a circle, but towards our dreams. It is time to get excited about your power. Remember you are always wearing the ‘Ruby slippers.’

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Each day I lift up my thoughts and allow room to change.  Dolby Dharma



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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put; I AM and with that, I have FAITH in; Myself.