Mirror and Master

Each one of us is the great mirror of the law of attraction, like it or not life is reflecting our emotional states, thoughts, and actions back to us.
You might be thinking I did not attract ‘that’ into my life; but you did, not because you might be like ‘that’ vibe, but maybe because you need to see your opposites to wake-up, to know you are on your unique path in life, that you are ascending towards higher grounds…or it will be one of your greatest lessons into the dark night of the soul.
We do vibe with experiences, we do get what we need to see, feel or touch always.  It is the perfect an opportunity to stand stronger with ourselves. Life shows us what is required to accept ourselves which in turn shows others the same opportunities to be themselves and not some trumped up version of a commercial. Life has a way of dictating what to do, who to be, how to look, blah blah blah, everywhere we go there ‘it’ is. It takes courage, strength and a strong sense of self-discovery to set yourself on fire and light your way!
Dolby Dharma

The Seven Essene Mirrors

by James Gilliland

We live in an action/reaction world known as the Plane of Demonstration where consciousness creates reality.

We manifest and magnetize people and events into our lives according to our consciousness. The Seven Essene Mirrors is a way of understanding how this process works. We can use what seem to be negative experiences as stepping-stones to healing and empowerment.

“When life rolls boulders, build stairs.”


Reflects to us that which we are. It is something we ourselves are doing or where we ourselves have been in error or wounded.


Reflects to us that which we judge. It is something we have an emotional charge with, something we have either been wounded by in the past and have not forgiven. It is good to discern; however, if we judge and condemn with an emotional charge, we will attract exactly what we judge into our lives.


Reflects to us something we Lost, Gave Away, or had Taken Away. When we see something, we love and desire in another, it is often something we have lost, given away or had stolen in our own lives. Every relationship is a relationship with self, and often we try to reclaim what was lost, we gave away or had taken away as a child. It could be joy, innocence, honesty and integrity, courage or love. All of which can be reclaimed within the self.


Reflects to us our most forgotten love. This could be a way of life, a lost or unfinished relationship. Often it is a past life where a wrong conclusion from experience was created. These will recreate themselves over and over until the right conclusion is registered in the soul as wisdom.


Reflects to us, Father/Mother. It is often said we marry our father or mother. We also often become them acting out the same healthy and unhealthy patterns we learned as a child. Our fathers and mothers to us as children are Gods. It will often reflect the same relationship we have with others and the Father/Mother God principle.


Reflects to us the Quest for Darkness or what is often referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. This is when we meet our most significant challenges, our greatest fears and have been gathering the tools and understandings in life to confront them. God never gives one any more than they can handle, and we have a choice in every experience to greet it as a powerful manifesting God/Goddess or a victim.


Reflects to us our self-perception. Others will perceive and treat us according to how we view and treat ourselves. If we have low self-esteem and do not acknowledge our wisdom and beauty, others will not acknowledge them. If we are angry, bitter and unloving to others, they, in turn, will often react in the same way towards us. If we change our perception of ourselves, we change the world. Maybe it is time to be

kind, loving and compassionate to ourselves and others. Remember the saying, “The only reason anyone has power over you is you want something from them.” Whether it be love, joy, or a personal God connection, maybe that something can be found within…


Each day I exude self-assured energy in every way, shape, and form. I attract myself daily to know I am on my authentic path which brings me, closer to my truth.  ~Dolby Dharma

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.

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