The Invitation

Like night and day exists here in heaven and earth as do the very opposites exist within us. Most often this darkness is what we work on hiding, rejecting, and ignoring; aspects of ourselves our that we try to squash. The secrets that we keep hidden.

This darkness, or demon, the shadow side of ourselves, if you will, is the very aspect we need to invite out, get to know and embrace. We have been conditioned the moment we entered into the world by our well-meaning caregivers what’s good and not so good, or what is acceptable and not acceptable; as if they really know what is best. They already had an old, outdated rule book of do’s and don’ts.  This suppressed shadow is a hidden part in us that influences our choices more often than we are aware.

We began putting the ‘unacceptable’ parts of ourselves into a closet, the closet that stores skeletons, the parts of ourselves that we don’t want others to see or know, and mostly what we don’t want to know.

It’s time to invite your shadow out because it has some pretty amazing advantages to offer. We don’t see how the obscurity of darkness is what gives us our strength and wisdom.

First and foremost, it is a part of you, yep, you are created with the highest vibration of lightness and darkness, yin, and yang. Like the sun and moon, you have a purpose; Acceptance of what is; the crown of authority- Your Wholeness!

Another significant advantage; there is a lot to discover in the night skies, just like there is a lot to find out in your own darkness, your hidden gems. Your integrity, your goodness, your likes and dislikes and your mental stability. We cannot live fragmented if we want to be whole, free and have self-acceptance. Therefore, the ticket to ride is embracing the perceived enemy within. The jailed prisoner that we would never let out without conditions.

AND… Embracing the dark side frees you up, frees you to be wholeheartedly YOU. It brings a knowing that liberates you from shame, blame, embarrassment and all the things you keep from yourself and others. When we accept ourselves, all the opposites come to light; the people, places, and things that won’t like you and also the beautiful souls who will love you for showing them it is ok to invite the shadows and skeletons too.

It’s time to stop hiding from ourselves and who we are. It’s ok to be sad, mad, unjoyful, judgemental, as well it is to shine and show the lighter side of ourselves. We all know everyone has the dark demon waiting for the invitation. It’s time to stop betraying yourself out of fear, rejection and being scared of what it might bring about.  The shadow is your diamond in the rough. It is your most creative side of life.

Everyone loves to party, and what better way to get to know each other. “You are cordially invited to a self-love and healing party.” Please wear your crown of authority dignity and grace.  So much love!



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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put; I AM and with that, I have FAITH in; Myself.