Game of Hearts

Game of hearts

you set up the stage

that most reflect who you are

the mirror is up

the play about to begin


setting up the scene

you audition

you give yourself the role of saving grace

hiding behind your own disgrace


in this play the game of life

you wonder who you are

the reason you went down that road

was to catch a falling star


if you looked inside yourself

you would have seen

life is like the game  hearts

to avoid being stuck holding the ugly queen


You hope to shoot the moon you do

you never see it coming

you’re dealt the hand of the lowest cards

you just kept on humming


by acquiring all the spades

you hope to win this game

you only come up short

awareness comes into play


at the moment you realize

you’re holding the ugly queen

she’s about to cost you dearly

you have to make a choice


although it’s just a game of hearts

you feel discouraged you feel disheartened

you were trying to win this hand

your goal right from the start


the game is to achieve the best for yourself

each one in control of his game

the ugly queen is your darkness

whispering fold em there is no shame


you know you won this hand

when you pass the ugly queen

life is about the choice of waking up

life is about coming clean

© 2008 Dolby Dharma

Artist Ivan Guaderrama

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.