Throw-in down some Shade!

Why is it that we are so damn worried about making mistakes, not saying NO, and rocking the boat? Simple we are told how to be, what to say, and how to act to be accepted.

“Well, if that isn’t a kill-joy.”

We are multifarious beings. Depending on the light that surrounds us is how we will shine, or not.  It is not about playing it safe, it is about being fully enlivened; we have to step into the light and probably cast a few shadows, but at least we will be glowing, we will be living, learning and raising hell or our vibrations. Let’s face the truth, shadows are everyone and in everyone, no exceptions.

Life is a contrast, it is the ebb and flows; open your eyes and see the light, close them at night and witness the shadow parts of ourselves.

Right… we all want things easy, we don’t want to see, be or do things we can’t undo, after all, we might look bad.

“But do we really?”

It is time to not be ashamed of what you are going through, or who you are going through it with. Take ownership of your life, your reality, your right to feel, be and do what is right for you.

Instead of feeling victimized by our shadow selves, or go to war with them, we can acknowledge the dark shadowy side of ourselves, maybe do a mental takedown and talk it out over a few shots of to-kill-ya. After all, Shadows only act up when they are left out of the light.

And then take our badass selves to the party of life.

“You were made to be yourselves. You were made to enrich the world with a sound, a tone, a shadow.”

“In each one of you there is a hidden being, still in the deep sleep of childhood. Bring it to life! In each one of you, there is a call, a will, an impulse of nature, an impulse toward the future, the new, the higher. Let it mature, let it resound, nurture it! Your future is not this or that; it is not money or power, it is not wisdom or success at your trade — your future, your hard, dangerous path is this: to mature and to find the Divine in yourselves.”“Hermann Hesse On Solitude, The Value Of Hardship”

“When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars.”

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.