Embracing the deepest parts of ourselves!

Including yourself…

We spend a lot of time trying to figure other people out, wondering why ‘they’ do the things they do ‘as if ‘we were so different on the inside. The truth; we need to get to know, to uncover and bring our hidden selves up to speed with the light side of life to understand what the driving force is behind our behaviors, emotions, and relationships.

The path to becoming fully enlivened is to embrace the deepest parts of our selves, not with shame, guilt, and blame, but with honesty, acceptance and knowing.

We are all originated pure, we are born a blank canvas, we are born with everything we need to create; It is a practice to turn our gaze inward and see the dark side of the moon within. The deepest parts of ourselves that the unconscious is always pushing forward reaching towards the light to join the union of self, to find equanimity, balance, and peace.

In all things there is
Dark and there is light,
Yin and yang.
Do not be seduced by
Flattery, power or riches

be seduced by the unknown parts

of yourself.

“The shadow is a living part of the personality and therefore wants to live with it in some form. It cannot be argued out of existence or rationalized into harmlessness. This problem is exceedingly difficult because it not only challenges the whole man but reminds him at the same time as his helplessness and ineffectuality.” (Carl Jung)

In LaK’esh  I am another YOU, and I like it that way… a beautiful quote from Bobby Klein

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.