The powerful “F” word.

I love the “F” word, it provides so many healing salves. Fuck it, forgive, forget, forge on, friends, fantastic, fabulous, etc.

The most significant “F: bomb to overcome is to ‘Forgive yourself,’ for you have done nothing wrong.

The situations or people we think need forgiving is not how it works according to ACIM, it is the recognition of the real cause; which is guilt in your mind.

The problem is not in another person’s actions, but in our perceptual experience of such actions and in our evaluation of ourselves. We believe or have been taught that we are vulnerable and that we can be hurt by external circumstances. If we continue to believe that the problem is outside us, we will be engaged in a futile search for a solution, and get trapped in the blame, shame and guilt game of life, and feel we need an apology to move on or feel vindicated in some way.

My understanding of what FORGIVENESS is and isn’t; are the stories we tell ourselves that we made up in our minds wrapped around something someone did or did not do to or for us. You can only be mad, upset, or hurt if it resonates with you. As a result, we give it a reality which is all based in EGO, therefore whatever ever ‘it is’ or hasn’t happened did; can only happen to you if you believe it did.

The thought of a transgression is something that occurred in the mind, the story was spun from those thoughts wrapped around a belief of guilt, shame, fear, and right and wrong. Creating a duality, when the reality is we are all in this together.

Nothing really happened. We make it happen regardless of what happened. I know that is a hard concept to wrap the brain around. But think and feel how liberating that thought is compared to being right, vengeful and stuck on the wheel of samsara- (Hinduism and Buddhism) the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth. If that is what you believe. Something to ponder regardless.

Accept yourself now. No matter how pissed off you might feel, you are not your thoughts or physical and emotional feelings. You are the silent Witness, choosing to have your mistaken perception healed in an instant. The cause is in your mind and nowhere else regardless of what appears to be going on. Believing that the cause is outside you, immediately separates cause and effect in your mind, and everything becomes dualistic, a separation, and war is declared.

To heal the cause, you must be willing to set aside doubt that anything happened even if it’s for a moment. The miracle occurs in the instant you withdraw your belief in what the ego tells you is real. AMEN

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Forgiveness Prayer

Today I am willing to see past illusions to the truth.
Today I am willing to become as a little child
and be taught by the One Who knows.

Today I step back and take my unhealed thoughts to the Light,
that I might see them for the nothingness they are.

I am willing to let my projections be undone.
I am willing to remember Where I am always.

Today I am willing to be happy, instead of right.

Life is an illusion baby! Things are NOT always as they seem!

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.