“The Playground”

What I learned on the playground. The short end of it.


The world we live in is a wondrous playground of self-discovery.

It is also a place of dangerous innocent predators showing us what is not real.

Remember when we were little kids playing on the playground, all innocent, drinking up everything and everyone. Everything felt so real back then.

Playground time was exciting and scary.

For some of us, it represented freedom and for others, pure intimidation and hell.

Looking back, I can see now where all the prejudices, judgments, and dualities began to mark its territory and seep into our innocent minds.

As if we did not already come predisposed with a ton of impressions, and opinions from our well-meaning immediate intimidating family and close friends.  It’s no wonder we were all so confused.

We were sent off to school at the puppyish age of five years old–some of us sooner if we were sent to preschool, or better yet, given over to caregivers so our parents could work.

School was a whole new game of fright night and delight; things just weren’t the same anymore; we begin to see and experience things differently from what we have been taught at home. There was a sense of shock and awe.

The games begin, and I am am not talking about the ones that come with the playground either. Although you can be sure things were played out in dodge ball, tag, hide and seek.

But I am talking about the hunger games, that longing, willing prey waiting to take, feed us new information, without even knowing what we are doing.

Always being judged innocently of course; for our looks, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, and a list of all kinds of shit that kids have witnessed and brought to school, after all, as kids, we had inquiring minds.

For me, adolescence was a game-changer, a retreat where you began to feel guilt, shame, and fear of changes you could not even explain to anyone, let alone accept them as part of you growing up.

So many questions, so many thoughts about getting older, moving out, moving on in the big world of a different playing field.

How do we navigate ourselves now when we are in the BIGGER playground of life?

How do we undo all the beliefs, opinions, and prejudices of the past?

Who knew humans had side-effects. 

Where was this ‘warning,’ when they were passing out humans? 😂

The time has come to wake-up to yourself.

To stop looking outside for someone else to make sense of YOU.

You are the only one who needs to know you.

You are the answer. The others are the contrast in life, to teach you, show you—-YOU!

You won’t find the healing, sense of self;  outside yourself, or, in another form, an effect or variant.

In other words, another person.

You will NEVER EVER be satisfied and always disappointed in yourself if you are living outside of who you really are, or living up to another’s perspective of you.

And who you are not…are all the judgments, prejudices and demands of other people’s POV of YOU.

The healing is only going to happen when we change how we are looking at ourselves and our world.

The mind is the ’cause’, and we will never receive our healing or answers from outside ‘the forms’ or ‘the effects.’   Until we clean up the thoughts of the mind about who we are.

Your inner-playground knows what games to play!











Get in the Game of YOUR life, it is the only place where fair play is your friend. 😎

“If we love someone deeply, be they friends, family or lovers, don’t treat the relationship like a playground game of back and forth or tit for tat. See it as a loving connection and let that be the basis of it all.”
― lauren klarfeld

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I am poetically clear about my beliefs which are subject to change as I change and gain more insight. Simply put, I know nothing and everything.